2014 Building the Billion Dollar Business

Building The Billion Dollar Business™
Grow Revenue and Increase Profitability

Boston | November 20

The ClientWise program “Building the Billion Dollar Business” turns multi-million dollar teams into billion dollar businesses through the highest level of strategic thinking in coaching and financial services.

This ground-breaking program includes:

  • A full-day live workshop, facilitated by industry leader, Ray Sclafani, CEO of ClientWise
  • A Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™ providing a 40-50 page gap-analysis of your business benchmarked against billion dollar businesses
  • A one-hour, personalized, individual BAR™ debrief over the phone following the event
  • Three 75-minute webinars following the live event for you and your team
  • A 90-day trial membership to the ClientWise eXchange™, including access to our content library and an online community of other top-professionals

The full-day comprehensive workshop agenda includes proprietary programs developed by ClientWise such as “What the Best in the Business Don’t Want You to Know”, “Moving from Lone Ranger to Leader” and “You’ve Been Framed,” as well as tools like our Professional Advisory Model (PAM)™, which provides a seven part roadmap for practice management growth.

You’ll increase your production and learn how to unlock the power of shared responsibility for rainmaking results!

Register today to transition your focus from practice management to business management and build a truly scalable and sustainable business.